Some Memories Never Fade

How can we freeze time?  How can we remember those we loved?  For most of us, we take the time to have photographs of our families taken whenever possible.  Those images are treasured and honored possessions that often take prominence on the walls of our homes.  We are proud of what those images represent and the memories from those moments in time.  Frozen.  Remembered.  These are some of the most important two ingredients that I strive to answer for my clients with every session.  Our pets are our family.  They bring a lifetime of joy that we want to keep fresh in our hearts, forever.


I spent a lot of time over the Winter months sick with various cold bugs and flu’s .  It must have been my year to enjoy every variety.  While my posts have once again been few and far between, business was never far from my mind and the two dogs pictured above, not far from my heart.  I met Lilith (left) and Ignis (right) in late November.  Their doggy parents, Michelle and Dallas, needed to get some beautiful photos of Lilith before it was too late.  At only four years of age, she was battling lymphoma and we had to freeze time for her family.

Michelle and Dallas describe Lilith as the “always loving and happy” pup.  I saw that instantly when we met for their Golden Road Session.  I don’t think I have ever seen a smile so full or beautiful on a dog.  She is a wonder!  Very pleased with life despite her circumstances.  You wouldn’t have known she was going through such a grueling battle.  So much beauty and vibrancy.

BUCHANAN-1696 EE1 wm.jpg

Ignis is Lilith’s “sister”.  She is described as a “princess” whose characteristics of nobility come naturally.  Siberians are known for such lofty sense of self as they are one of the few breeds whose traits closely resemble a cat.  I adored her for it!  So confident and comfortable with herself.  Not phased by the world, it was there to serve her.  What a fantastic dog!  Ignis has gorgeous eyes, too.  Mesmerizing, engaging, and sharp.

BUCHANAN-1938 EE2 wm.jpg

Despite the pouring rain, we all enjoyed the session.  I admire Dallas and Michelle’s dedication to their pups.  Both are a really great couple.  It is always the best gift for me to see tears of happiness and full hearts when my clients see their images.  It was no different at our investment and image reveal appointment where I handed over the paw print painting I did of Lilith.

Paw Print Painting Ignis wm.jpg

And, when Michelle and Dallas received their amazing wall art a few weeks later, Michelle spoke through tears that the experience had “made her year”.  Well, it made mine too, Michelle!  The very soul and purpose of Hoof N Paw is to create an experience like none other, where the lives of our pets are immortalized for all the years we live.  Images that will stand the test of time.  Lilith and Ignis will never be forgotten.