Downtown Spokane & Light Reflections

Today is a double-up post!  I want to share with all of you a couple of beautiful Aussies that recently helped me out, AND, our session location fit perfectly with this weeks Project 52 lesson: Light Reflections.

For some time, I’ve been wanting to do a portfolio session in downtown Spokane.  We have so many old buildings with great textures and some fantastic artists who have worked on a wide variety of surfaces.  The efforts to beautify and uplift our city center has been wonderful and I know many people continue to work very hard at the endeavor.  I wanted to get more shots within Riverfront Park but parts of it are being closed or blocked to implement some fantastic new features and upgrades.  It has come a long way since the World Fair in 1974 and it is time for the park to receive detailed attention.  Because of that history, I HAD to get in as many shots as possible.

Insert, Jewel and Dallas…two gorgeous Aussie dogs who won an FB drawing/contest I did for friends.  They were such a great help as we navigated through an area of the park and one of our city’s main streets.  There is a lot of noise with construction, Pokemon Go players, kids playing in the park, sirens, and all the sounds of urban life.  But Jewel and Dallas are service dogs with great poise.  I couldn’t have asked for better models in working a new location.

At our first stop in the park, we were right by the Spokane River.  Perfect opportunity to work with Light Reflections!  In our Project 52 Visual Toolbox book, it mentions how photographers can get so focused with their subject that they forget to see how the environment around injects itself into the portrait.  Reflections from shiny surfaces or water can ruin an image if you aren’t taking it into account.  In my case, I wanted to see familiar landmarks of Riverfront Park reflected in the water behind my subjects.  Not in an overtly clear way, but subtly.  The dogs still needed to be the main focus.  But, I also needed to watch how strong the light bounced off the water.  Below are two different perspectives from two sides of the river…two Aussie dogs by the Spokane RiverAussie dog on 2 concrete blocks

You can see how differently the light responds based on which side of the river we were on.  I love both results, though!

We continued down Howard St. to look for urban textures.  I’m pretty sure this image is my favorite out of all the session photos.  Jewel is a uniquely colorful girl with golden toned eyes but the textures of her coat and walls had a black/white overlay calling to me.

Bekkah-1306 EE WM.jpg

Thank you so much for visiting my blog today!  If you are interested in seeing more great pet photography, please follow the Project 52 blog circle to: Kim with BARKography based in Charlotte NC.

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