Meet Rip, Mr. Amiable – Spokane Pet Photographer

Yes, it’s about time I found a moment to write about this particularly sweet and affable black Labrador, Rip!  Rip’s dad contacted me with the plan of purchasing a Hoof N Paw Aplenty session for his lovely bride’s birthday.  Rip is a treasured family member and what better gift than lasting images of his cheerful self.

Given that we were in the latter month of Spring, the days were abundantly full of thunderstorms.  This meant a longer wait than we all wanted.  But, the day finally arrived for Rip’s session and it couldn’t have been a better one!  I was immediately enthralled with Rip the moment he came out of the car.  His black coat, so soft, and his eye alight with good humor.  Rip is a happy dog.  And, I discovered, exceptionally patient!

ASH-0137 EE3 wmm.jpg

As we walked about the session location, stopping for shots, Rip worked hard to not let his nose and desire to explore get out of hand.  It isn’t easy to be still and act handsome when there are other dogs running about, playing and sniffing.  He was the epitome of patience and didn’t give his photographer a moment of frustration.  A jewel among Labradors!

ASH-9913 EE2 wm.jpg

On occasion, Rip likes to go hunting with his dad.  He does a pretty good job, too!  He listens and tries hard.  This inevitably came as a blessing because doing a lot of “sit-stays” or “down-stays” for an hour and a half can be wearying for a dog.  But, Rip was a champion!  He enjoyed our break for play-time and kept that smile on his face at all times.  Of course, with his customary, adorably upturned lip.


ASH-9786 EE wm

Rip did a fantastic job and I know his parents are proud of him!  Thank you, Rip!