Project 52, Week 23 -Sketch

Spokane Pet Photography

Have you ever written an outline for a report or paper?  Have you sketched on a napkin an idea in your head for a product or painting?  Everyone who creates has some form of “sketching” that takes place.  That is the premise for this week’s Project 52.  I am so pleased to have found some time to contribute a blog post again to our Project 52 group!

The concept of “sketching” in photography typically involves photographing many variations of a subject to create sketches that will eventually culminate in a final portrait.  My version is only slightly different.  As an artist and photographer, I actually doodle out my visions on paper.  Because I want to have one new element that is unique to each client, I always create ideas on paper and take them with me to a session.  And, sometimes I’m working on a new concept idea for my portfolio that I will sketch out.  The doodling is never fancy but contains enough detail and notes to help me come up with the final image I want.

Once on location, I take a multitude of shots in each area to see how the light and shadows are working for me that day.  It also helps me decide on how to frame each shot for the final image.

For this weeks assignment, I decided to take on an idea I’ve had for some time.  Because I love herbs (the shapes, aroma, and taste!), I’ve wanted to create a headband using Rosemary.  In the process of sketching, I chose to add Baby’s Breath.  And, out of my two dogs, I knew I would be using old Mr. Balan because he can handle plants on his head the best.  The sketch I made with my initial idea is below…


However, life has a way of catching us broadside and I found myself sick with a cold.  So, I didn’t make it to the location that I wanted for a dark background with a horizontal depth of field.  In these first two images, you’ll see that they are entirely different because I found the light changed.

balan-0231 EE WM

balan-0228 EE WM

I still wasn’t seeing what I had imagined so I changed the perspective again…it is my favorite!  That sweet old face!

balan-0237 EE WM.jpg

So…same spot, some variations until I got what I wanted, and a photo to cherish!  If you’ve enjoyed today’s blog, please consider heading over to Northeastern PA Pet Photographer, Elaine Tweedy and her take on sketching.