Hero’s – Spokane Pet Photography

Last year, I became inspired by an idea after meeting a wounded veteran and his service dog, a Newfoundland named Sam.  Because I was working on a portfolio building project, I did a free session for them.  Eventually, the man and his wife became members at my dog club and our friendship deepened.  I found out they had a dream to breed and train Newfoundlands for military veteran’s.  The idea fascinated me and I enjoyed watching as the couple added Newfoundlands to their pack and actively pursued training knowledge .  These dogs have the perfect temperament for service dog work!

With their work in mind, I knew that I wanted to create some kind of photography session for veterans that would give back and show appreciate for their service.  I’m almost finished with the final touches.  In the meantime, Hoof N Paw has been available for a free 8×10 photo for these folks.  This past weekend, was just such a special moment.  One of my AKC S.T.A.R. puppy students, Liam the Newfoundland, was going home with his veteran.  A whole group of Newfy owners, connected to Liam’s breeder, gathered together at a local dog park to see Liam off.  My friends, the owner’s of Sam, were there with the newest Newfy addition in their pack…little Aria, eventual “girlfriend” to Sam.

I met with Liam’s new PERSON and could see they were perfect for each other.  It is such a joy to witness dogs coming alongside humans in need and changing their lives.

So, stay tuned for Hoof N Paw’s very special veteran photography package to be posted!  In the meantime, enjoy some photos I took at the dog park.


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And, a couple of randomly fun shots of dogs having fun…