PROJECT 52, Week 5: RAW Exposures


As a highly visual person, I found this weeks Project 52 assignment tough but rewarding;  to rely solely on the mechanics of the camera rather than my sight.    Here is the breakdown of what was required…

  • Shoot in RAW formatting (not new for me as I always shoot in RAW).
  • Turn on “blinkies”.
  • Use histogram ONLY for judging exposure rather than the camera screen image.

For many of you reading, the above terms will be confusing.  My goodness, other than RAW files, they were foreign to me up until a couple weeks ago!  So, don’t feel bad if your eyes crossed as you started reading.  I beg of you to bear with me and continue on…

  • RAW files description per – “A raw file is the image as seen by the camera’s sensor. Think of it like unprocessed film. Rather than letting the camera process the image for you, turning it into a JPEG image, shooting in raw allows you to process the image to your liking.”
  • BLINKIES – Haha, this one is the funniest name ever for a photography term!  I laughed out loud when I read about it.  “Blinkies” is actually a THING.  There is a setting in most DSLR camera’s that allow the photographer to turn on highlight warnings.  Those highlights will literally “blink” for you on the screen.
  •  HISTOGRAM – That funny looking mountain graph on the camera’s screen or when post processing.  This tells the photographer where their exposure is.

I was lucky to have another subject to photograph this week.  It was my Mom’s birthday and we had a party for her at my sister’s house.  So, it was a pleasure to borrow my sister’s English Cocker Spaniel, Finwe (in between the cake and gifts).  He has been dealing with pancreatitis this past month and I wanted to get some photos done.  Finwe is getting up there in age and it served as a heartfelt reminder of why I do what I do:  making memories to honor these dear, furry (or feathered) friends of ours for their short time on Earth.

Here is a view of my only hint at what was happening in the camera, per the assignments instructions.  So tiny!  It was hard to not rely on a full image!  I took this photo with my phone so it made the screen white hot.  Blah, my smart phone lies!  I continued to use spot metering to work on exposure and shot to the right (brighter rather than darker).


Below is the actual image with minimal editing in Lightroom and Photoshop as well as my 2nd favorite photo…

IMG_0460 EE2

IMG_0472 EE WM

Finwe LOVES to carry around my sister’s shoes when visitors come to call.  I would normally have dropped flat on the floor to get that sweet photo but my sons and their cousins would have trampled me into a battered pancake.  But, I know my sis will love having a print capturing one of Finwe’s fun quirks.  I hope to get some photos of him outside one of these days, when the weather warms up.

Thank you for stopping by and visiting!  This month, I have multiple cat models lined up (totally new for me!) so keep coming back to check on those.

Next up in the blog circle is Sydney & MAC Creative Designs – Photography for Pets and Their People – Washington DC Metro Area.




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