Project 52, NEW

We are starting off 2016 with a very apt theme for Project 52: NEW.  I have so many new things planned for 2016 already that it was hard to decide how I would run with the theme.  I’ll be working on marketing, setting up an Instagram account, creating a list of new photography models (horses, cats, & even sheep!), some graphite drawings planned, and there will eventually be a web site tied to this blog.  Hoof N Paw is stepping it up a notch and I’m so excited!

In the end, I decided that it was high time to work on off camera flash for this weeks theme.  I’ve had a flash unit but only used it once, outside.  Never inside.  I prefer the light of the sun.  This week, however, our snow was going through a melt-off (that icky, brown muck) so I needed to take photos inside and with the flash.   I played around with how the light bounced off my ceiling for quite a while.  The Border Collie boys got a bit bored with me but I love the end results!


Yes, Mr. Balan is a gentleman wearing flowers, hehe.  I found the flower clip at Hobby Lobby this week and had to get it for all the future pet ladies I photograph.  I told Mr. Balan that he would need to oblige me, this time, and wear them so that I could see how they worked out.

As in most of my photos, I used my Canon 85mm f1.8 lens.  I have the 50mm but the 85 just can’t be beat.

Now, please head over to Shelley Castle Photography for more NEW photos.  Link below…

52 on Friday :: New

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  1. Border collies are the best. Love all your photos, but my favorite is the one where Mr. Balan is in profile in the chair.


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