Project 52, Week 51 “Dressed Up”

Yes!  I have finally had another chance to work with the pet photography Project 52 again!  This weeks theme is “dressed up”.  While I don’t use a lot of props in my pet photography, this was still a super fun chance to get creative.

Now, I have two male Border Collies.  That requires some further creativity seeing as I couldn’t put any of my jewelry on them.  I do have a tie and bowtie.  I’ll share a post at the end of the page from a previous shoot I did with ties.

So, my first photo was an attempt to make the Bronster Monster into a Prince.  He has on a “crown” and a sparkly collar.  I’m not sure if he looks very regal or not, lol.

IMG_8667 EE WM

The second photos were modeled by my Mr. Balan.  A true gentleman.  Although, never too thrilled to take part in my photography ideas.  He is 12 years old and feels his only tasks after retiring from obedience competition is to lay on the couch.  I quite agree with him but I really needed his unique skills.  So, I present “Holiday Mr. Balan” and then my take on a dog out to play in the snow.

IMG_8713 EE2 WM IMG_8729 EE3 wm

Mr. Balan is such a great sport!!!  As you can see, we have a lot of green grass this December.  At this moment, a snow storm has landed, at last!  It will be so much fun to get out and take some snow photos!

And, here are a few photos from the past year where I had the opportunity to dress up client dogs…

IMG_5120EE3 wm IMG_8180EE2 wm IMG_0171 NEW WM


Thank you so much for visiting Hoof N Paw!  Please head over to Elaine’s blog for I Got the Shot and enjoy some other “Dressed Up” images:

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