Holiday Peace

Most outdoor lifestyle photographers get a bit of vacation during December – February.  It’s just too cold outside.  At Hoof N Paw or “rachel L moore PHOTOGRAPHY” (my people photography business),I’m out and about whenever I can in the snow.  And, I can be found inside working through new photography seminars, creating new magic with older photos.  The digital darkroom is my daily obsession.  Editing is phenomenally fun stuff to do.  If I get in holiday orders for drawings, I’ll often be at my easel working on a graphite portrait.

We had a few days where the white stuff arrived and stuck around.  It always turns our neutral, drab Winter tones into a beautiful fairyland.

IMG_8210 EE wm2 IMG_8398 EESNOW WM

IMG_8255 EE5 IMG_8369 EE4 wm

These are the latest edits I have re-done from a variety of shoots over the past year.  All thanks to some great instructors and classes at Creative Live.  Yes, that is a railroad track in the first image.  I took that photo nearly 2 years ago before finding out taking photos on tracks is not acceptable.  Just, don’t do it.  I’m proud of how well the image came out, though.

IMG_2877 EE WM      IMG_3454 EE6 WM


IMG_5398 EE2 MATTE WM            IMG_4571 EE2 WM

IMG_0627 EE4 wm                                           IMG_0350 EENEW WM

Meanwhile, a couple images from my favorite Fall session has been gaining traction in the world of photography competition.  Decidedly, my top photos of 2015.


IMG_0540EE2 wm  IMG_0450EE2 WM

Thank you so much for visiting Hoof N Paw!