Project 52, Week 52 CELEBRATE

It’s the last week of Project 52 for 2015!  It has been a great year developing Hoof N Paw into a wonderful business.  I’ve never been happier photographing pets!

This weeks theme of “celebrate” couldn’t have come at a better time.  Not only are we all celebrating the holiday but we at Hoof N Paw had a little party for our Bron.  He turned 8 years old on the 22nd.  While he wasn’t excited about the head adornment, he was more than thrilled to eat his pork chop.  See his photos above.

In my neck of the woods, we have also been celebrating the arrival of snow.  There has not been much in the last few years, resulting in Summer droughts (we normally get a large amount) and epic wildfires.  To our great delight, we are at 2 feet of snow just this week!!!  My family has been busy building snowmen and snow forts.  Our BC’s join in the fun.

I hope that each of you have a very blessed holiday season as we celebrate our Lord’s birth!

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Project 52, Week 51 “Dressed Up”

Yes!  I have finally had another chance to work with the pet photography Project 52 again!  This weeks theme is “dressed up”.  While I don’t use a lot of props in my pet photography, this was still a super fun chance to get creative.

Now, I have two male Border Collies.  That requires some further creativity seeing as I couldn’t put any of my jewelry on them.  I do have a tie and bowtie.  I’ll share a post at the end of the page from a previous shoot I did with ties.

So, my first photo was an attempt to make the Bronster Monster into a Prince.  He has on a “crown” and a sparkly collar.  I’m not sure if he looks very regal or not, lol.

IMG_8667 EE WM

The second photos were modeled by my Mr. Balan.  A true gentleman.  Although, never too thrilled to take part in my photography ideas.  He is 12 years old and feels his only tasks after retiring from obedience competition is to lay on the couch.  I quite agree with him but I really needed his unique skills.  So, I present “Holiday Mr. Balan” and then my take on a dog out to play in the snow.

IMG_8713 EE2 WM IMG_8729 EE3 wm

Mr. Balan is such a great sport!!!  As you can see, we have a lot of green grass this December.  At this moment, a snow storm has landed, at last!  It will be so much fun to get out and take some snow photos!

And, here are a few photos from the past year where I had the opportunity to dress up client dogs…

IMG_5120EE3 wm IMG_8180EE2 wm IMG_0171 NEW WM


Thank you so much for visiting Hoof N Paw!  Please head over to Elaine’s blog for I Got the Shot and enjoy some other “Dressed Up” images:

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Holiday Peace

Most outdoor lifestyle photographers get a bit of vacation during December – February.  It’s just too cold outside.  At Hoof N Paw or “rachel L moore PHOTOGRAPHY” (my people photography business),I’m out and about whenever I can in the snow.  And, I can be found inside working through new photography seminars, creating new magic with older photos.  The digital darkroom is my daily obsession.  Editing is phenomenally fun stuff to do.  If I get in holiday orders for drawings, I’ll often be at my easel working on a graphite portrait.

We had a few days where the white stuff arrived and stuck around.  It always turns our neutral, drab Winter tones into a beautiful fairyland.

IMG_8210 EE wm2 IMG_8398 EESNOW WM

IMG_8255 EE5 IMG_8369 EE4 wm

These are the latest edits I have re-done from a variety of shoots over the past year.  All thanks to some great instructors and classes at Creative Live.  Yes, that is a railroad track in the first image.  I took that photo nearly 2 years ago before finding out taking photos on tracks is not acceptable.  Just, don’t do it.  I’m proud of how well the image came out, though.

IMG_2877 EE WM      IMG_3454 EE6 WM


IMG_5398 EE2 MATTE WM            IMG_4571 EE2 WM

IMG_0627 EE4 wm                                           IMG_0350 EENEW WM

Meanwhile, a couple images from my favorite Fall session has been gaining traction in the world of photography competition.  Decidedly, my top photos of 2015.


IMG_0540EE2 wm  IMG_0450EE2 WM

Thank you so much for visiting Hoof N Paw!