Project 52, Week 43 “Light”

I have recently joined a fabulous group of pet photographers doing what is called “Project 52”.  The idea is to take a weekly theme, go out and shoot according to that theme, and post the results in our blogs.  This week, the theme was “light”.  Even though we are approaching the end of October and the light is fading during my free time (evenings), we still had some incredible orange/gold sunsets.  I took both my sons and one of my Border Collies (Bron) out to see what we could get.

While Bron and I were working on photos, the boys were trying to encourage the neighbor’s horses to come visit and get some carrots.  It didn’t work today but the neighbor’s Border Collies ran over to say “hello”.  All in all, it was a fun theme to play with and my favorite photo is thanks to my boys.  Bron is willing to try anything I ask so I put him under their legs.  My youngest didn’t look at the camera the entire time but laughed through every moment.

IMG_1026EE PAW IMG_1045ee paw IMG_1056ee paw IMG_1071ee

Please check out what was created with the “light” theme in this next blog!

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