A Mountain Hike

My husband and I recently took our boys to the mountain for an afternoon of hiking.  It was a relief to be a little higher out of the clogging smoke from the large array of wildfires in our area.  To look at a map of Washington State right now, you would think every inch was on fire.  That is how severe the drought and dryness is this year.  Our local firefighters are calling it an “epic” season.  It has definitely made for uninspiring photo opportunities.  The sky is in a constant grey-orange haze and the sun has gone dull.  But, I use my time wisely and I’m working on a commissioned fine art drawing that may be my favorite, yet.  Can’t wait to show all of you!  Plus, I’m doing a few senior student photo sessions in the coming weeks for some friends and family.  It can be nice to occasionally take on some “people” photography.

One thing I noticed about being on the mountain is how deep the shadows are.  The landscape is beyond beautiful but I’m definitely going to need to bring my off camera lighting equipment if I ever do a photo shoot up there.  I had to take my camera to its limit of ISO (in camera lighting, so to speak) and ended up with some grainy images.  Definitely a need for man made light.  Our boys had a blast and I asked Bron to pose every so often.  We didn’t bring Mr. Balan because his arthritis is bothering him.  Poor guy.

Enjoy these photos!