Elegant Eddie

This past Sunday evening, I had a mini photo shoot at Manito Park.  My subject was a beautiful, graceful, retired racing Greyhound, Eddie.  And, he brought his lovely owner, Carolyn, with him.  It was the perfect evening in the lower 80’s with some cloud cover.  That is the kind of light I prefer as it diffuses and softens the shadows.


We had our work cut out attracting Eddie’s attention because toys and funny noises are often of no interest when you are a regal hound 🙂  He has an old soul about him that commands grace and an unshakably calm persona.  Yet, when he saw squirrels, his attention was captured!


Towards the end of our session time, we took a walk through the flower gardens.  Eddie looked so perfect in the midst all those blooms.  He is a tall boy but at times was dwarfed by the plantings.  So much beauty all around us and Eddie fit it like a glove.  It was such a privilege to take his photos!


Thank you, Eddie!